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Tools for Church Service

In my many years involved in a church service, events and functions, I’ve established a number of tools that I’m able to rely on in making the service run seamlessly and smoothly.

While the objective of using technology in a service is to visually enhance the lesson or sharing, the goal of technology in a service is to make sure that the projection of slides, videos & worship song lyrics are:

  • Displayed correctly, that image being projected are at the correct dimensions and nothing is being cut off.
  • Transitions smoothly without distractions. Distractions can be as simple as seeing the mouse on the projection screen.

I’ve come across several tools that are free (or open source) that are essential for a service.

Screen Monkey – dual screen software for managing and controlling presentations.

Open Song – lyric projection on dual screen system.

K-Lite Codec Pack – media player to play all sorts of files. Also required by Screen Monkey

These are just a shortlist of basic tools. Hope that it will be helpful.

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